Are you raising a world-changer?

Dads: we need to raise a generation with the unshakable self-esteem and grounded self-worth to be world-changers.

Yet as dads, we can often find ourselves just wanting to survive to the end of the day!
Parenting often feels confusing and exhausting, seeming to be ineffective and leaving us guilt-ridden.

Dads want to raise children with great self-esteem and self-worth – but parenting can be tough, revealing where we lack self-belief and skills!

I (the Non-Perfect Dad!) enable fathers to raise world changers. With my input and support, they discover the confidence and resources to be themselves, to have fun and take control of the hardest and most rewarding job a man can ever do – being a dad!

…it’s time to raise kids who are going to leave the world a better place than they found it!

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A Family Adventure to Knit You Together

Have you and your family reaped the rewards of tapping into our adventurous heritage? From Sir Walter Raleigh to Ellen MacArthur, our national history is littered with individuals who discovered what they were made of whilst pushing back frontiers and exploring the best of our planet.

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Boys stepping up- Trust

"I'm not holding his hand" "I'm not holding his hand!" We asked the boys to get in a circle and hold hands so we could play a game...honestly you'd have thought that we'd asked them to drink acid! But by the end of the session, they were forgetting the socially...

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Discover how Richard can help you.
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Discover how Richard can help you.
Schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation.

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