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Non-perfect Dad: enabling coaches and parents to work together to produce winning character on and off the sports field.

When the home and coaching environments are united an athlete is given the best possible chance to excel greatly in all areas of life.

The challenge comes in engaging parents effectively because optimising the immense influence parents is not simple or because often there is an uneasy relationship between coach and parent.

Without a synchronicity of approach between parents and coaches potential is easily missed.

A FREE online community of sport parents who seek to nurture their child’s potential.

Richard Shorter (The Non-perfect Dad), uses evidence-based strategies to engage with parents.

His creative and pioneering work enables coaches to:

  • help parents manage their expectations in the nonlinear process of talent development.

  • help parents reinforce the character, mindset and culture of their team.

  • reduce parent & coach conflict.

  • support the parents in shaping the resilience and mindset athletes need to navigate the highs and lows of talent development.

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“Richard has huge experience in both supporting and challenging parents in a number of different environments. Rich recently delivered at an England U18 performance camp and it went down extremely well. His engaging and interactive style helps share information and ideas on how parents can best support their children. He would add value to any environment that involved young people.”

John Fletcher
England 18 Rugby manager, RFU

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