This is a sales pitch, and I need a couple of minutes of your time. 

If you prefer to listen, you can watch me here, or keep reading.


Almost every Independent school talks about how well-meaning parents are cranking up the intensity and pressure on their children and those who teach them.

Children are literally suffering from anxiety about school sport,  other co-curricular activities and academic subjects because “supportive” parents are accidentally applying colossal pressure to be the best, to be selected for the A-teams and to be better than their classmates. 

At the risk of sounding blunt, what are you going to do about it? Schools don’t need to be the victim of these societal changes. I know it’s not easy. It’s not what you trained for and your resources and time are already stretched.

However, you can see parent behaviour changed to reduce your stress and more importantly provide better outcomes to the children in your care.

You can take ownership of this issue, and together, we can see real and lasting change. 

If your parent body is brilliant and helps the children in your care navigate the challenges of Prep school life to help them grow confidence, character and well-being then this resource isn’t for you.

Your staff are under extra pressure because of societal changes in parent behaviour. Worse than that, children in your care are not getting the most from the experience you offer because of misplaced, well-meaning parent habits. 

This is a tool you can use to take ownership of this issue. 

Let me introduce to you, the

Best Prep School Season Yet.

A multivoiced, cost-effective, and hassle-free way for Directors of Sports and Heads to influence their parent body.

It will provide a highly supportive voice, championing school sports and the need for parents to support the whole sports program.

Most importantly, it will provide parents with a set of proven tools to help their children gain the most from being in your environment.

What is it? 

Four highly interactive webinars running once a month exclusively for prep schools in the Michaelmas term. (There is a similar series coming in the Lent term for senior schools). They will include the normal Non-Perfect Dad no-nonsense wisdom and engagement, with a high-profile speaker for each session. England Rugby superstar Emily Scarratt is already confirmed as a speaker! 45 mins from me and 15 mins from the speaker. (Highly impactful and very professional).

Schools will invite their whole parent body to sign up, and the Non-Perfect Dad team will take care of all the admin, promotion and follow-up. (Hassle-free for DOS) 

Prep school series: Sessions are every 2nd Thursday from September to December at 8-9pm.

Staff CPD Session on Thursday, 9th November at 7-7:45pm

Senior School series: Sessions are every 2nd Thursday from Jan to April at 8-9pm.

Staff CPD Date & Times- TBC

Session themes: 

  • The role of the sports parent- how to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on children. 
  • Working with your child’s school for success. – trusting the school, supporting the school
  • Let them have bumps in the road.  How to use bumps in the road to grow [sports] character.
  • Conversations for growth Giving active listening skills which avoid putting children under pressure.


All parents will get free access to my online sports parent platform.


Will these sessions sort out every parent and parent issue? Of course not, I’m not Thanos, I can’t click my fingers and change the universe, but with 25+ years of parent engagement under my belt, together we can make a noticeable difference and more importantly, the children of those who come will notice. This impact will, bit by bit, build on the great work you are doing. 

“The feedback from our parents about your course has been amazing, and they have commented on how they thought they were doing things to ‘help’, and now understand why they got the opposite reaction from their child. Thank you!”

Head of county cricket academy following similar series

For the same cost as one face-to-face talk to parents and CPD for staff from Non-Perfect Dad, you get four talks from NPD, four high-profile speakers, and all the admin support to make it happen.

Cost for the series per school £695*(including VAT) (Cost Effective)

(*there are discounts for small schools and for schools signing up for both the Prep and Senior school series, see below).

We will also be having a staff CPD open to all staff from your school with one of the speakers and all the sessions for the parents and staff will be available to watch on catch-up (Included in the cost above).

  • £695 Prep school or Senior school
  • £556 For small Prep schools only sharing with the parents of 100 students or less (20% discount)
  • £1112 Prep school and Senior school series. (Senior school series coming Jan – April 2024) (20% discount)
  • £595 ISA discount (£100 discount Prep school or Senior school)
  • £595 Return2play discount (£100 discount Prep school or Senior school)

If you’d like to talk about how this could help your school, let’s have a meeting.

8 minutes is all we will need.

What happens now?

Once you have completed the sign-up form, we will get to work creating a bespoke sign-up flyer for your school. We will share the flyer with you and the link for your parents to sign up with.

A couple of weeks before each session, we will also provide a flyer for the next session, for you to share with parents via the school channels.

Why Richard Shorter?

Sorry to name drop but some of the biggest names in sport use me to have these conversations with schools. Including, but not limited to Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham FC, the WSL, England Hockey, the ECB and a large number of independent schools. I’ve spent 25+ years working with parents in high-pressure environments from the sharp and ugly end of safeguarding to the teams listed above. I know what it is needed to support and help parents change their behaviour.

Our Partners for the ‘Best Prep Season Yet’