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‘Conversations for the Journey’ priming your child for success on and off the sports field.

This book is the perfect resource to follow up Richard’s Session on the think tank.

Conversations for the Journey= Discussions Which Chase Excellence

Notes on Session:

Katrina Douglas’ story: 

Research about the Car journey.

Who is richard? find out more

1- Express Pride and Love: 

Have a look at Brene Brown

2- Ask the Question

3- Sit with pain

4- Seek progress 

See-  Growth mindset Carol Dweck


5- Be realistic

See below about my book, Conversions for  Journey- 40 character building conversations. 

‘An essential guide for any parent of sporting children… some of the best ideas I have seen written on this subject. A must-read!’

Gary Street, Harlequins Rugby

Sporting car journeys have always presented challenges for us parents.

Before and after your child’s big game, whether they win or lose what should you say? How should you say it?
How can you help them deal with the flurry of emotion and pressures?
Why not watch the author being questioned interrogated by his daughters about the book on the right?
This 64 page conversation companion provides 40 creative ways of dialling down the stress and priming your child for success on and off the sports field. It will guide you into positive conversations to strengthen your relationships and nurture the character you want to see your son or daughter develop.  On the journey to and from the sports fixtures, over the phone or on Skype, these conversations starters will enable you and your child to stay focused on what really matters for their future.
‘Conversations for the journey’ don’t have to be difficult- are you ready for the challenge?’


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