Their best season yet

Dear Coaches and Teachers

Your sports proteges are chomping at the bit to get back into sports, so are their parents. Harnessing that enthusiasm from home into their competitive development is now possible with a new program called “Their Best Season Yet!”  

Usually, this program is only available at premiership football teams, national sports sides, and those already earmarked for elite sports but I’ve tailored it into a new accessible program ready to influence the conversations parents are having with their children prior to the new season ahead.

And those conversations your proteges’ parents are having are vitally important to your development success. Give the parents a framework for conversation during the preseason and not only do you get the most out of your coaching sessions, they propel the results of your coaching whilst reducing parental conflict and managing expectations. The upshot is, you then get more time doing what you love, developing young people.

The program has been in development for a year now and this is what some of the parents shared about their experience.

              ‘I now let my daughters lead conversations to and from matches’

             ‘I reflect before pinging the email (to the coach) … but don’t shy off contacting if there really is an issue’

             ‘… [I] avoid being judgemental and give space after a bad experience, don’t expect to solve it instantly’

             ‘I have tried to hang back, and remember when she is playing, I’m not a coach, I’m just a parent, and to let her make her own mistakes, concentrating on her positives a lot more, talking about what she did well, and what she can improve on.’

You can quickly imagine how positive the last few months were in the run-up to lockdown when you read that feedback.

Now, I really want to make this accessible so there’s an idea that means nothing need come from your budgets.

Everything is waiting for you to tap straight into.

You can finally get around that dilemma we never really talk about or have been able to address because there haven’t been the resources. The reality that the conversations parents have in the preseason in the first few months of the season set the tone for their child, a tone which often undermines your competitive development. We all know it exists but nobody is allowed to comment and this creates a divide. And we all know that any divide in a sports environment doesn’t foster team spirit.

So what sort of season do you want for ’20/21? Preseason only comes but once a year and there’s a chance waiting for you to grasp.

For 20 years now I’ve worked with some top teams and also with some of the hardest to work with parents. Now every parent I met has positive motivations behind their actions but without a framework, a few words leaving their lips can make or break their child’s sports season and ambitions. We equip the parents, we get the conversation flowing with the child and suddenly. Every parent I’ve worked with has had positive experiences following our sessions.

Those sessions have been pulled together into 10 videos that cover almost every situation they will face as the parent of a sporty child.

Things like goals setting, expectations, experience over results, trusting the coach, overcoming failure, and difficult conversations pre and post-match.

It all leads to conversations at home that would normally never have happened.

Coaches have also reported how they loved the feedback forms produced from these videos. In short, you get an insight into those conversations and understanding the child at a deeper level.

Better still, this material can be available with your bespoke logo and unique introduction video to position your school/club perfectly.

I’ve already shared that this costs your school and your budgets nothing.

Let me explain:

The usual price to clubs for “Your Best Season Yet!” is £2,900 but instead, all we ask from each family is an affordable contribution of £29+VAT.

I’ve even got the collateral that you can send out to make that happen via emails or letters.

Each parent that buys the program means you also get an equivalent % discount on my webinars or talk at your school/ club, 50 parents purchasing would be equivalent to a free webinar, 100 parents would see me on stage at an event for FREE.

But, I also want to give your department access to “Getting a  Cr*p Parent Email Emergency Survival Pack” (Worth £250) which will support any staff member/ coach when dealing with harsh and painful parent communication and conflict and can also provide a basis for training other members of your team.

There will also be an optional FREE 20-minute session with me to discuss anything to help with communications around the sports teams.

That’s a unique program used by top sports teams in the UK at £2,900.

A high probability to save £300-£595 on a speaking engagement from me.

A saving of £250 on dealing with a cr*p parent email.

That’s £3745 worth of parent and pupil engagement support for ZERO hit on your budget.

Right now, the way I see there are 3 options:

  1. Do nothing. Don’t discover how the top football and rugby teams in the UK are doing it and continue the mad scramble to harness that lockdown enthusiasm to get back into sport.

  2. DIY. But these teams don’t divulge what they do, you’d have to create this from scratch

  3. Let me do the heavy lifting for you. Get them involved in the, “Their Best Season Yet!” program, let’s harness that enthusiasm and also give you insights into what the top teams are doing behind the scenes with proteges and parents to allow sporting potential to flourish.

Let’s get on the phone and we can have a brief conversation.
Do this quickly though as I’ve calculated that I can only work with a dozen schools/clubs.
Once those spaces are filled then I’m closing the door.  

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