Parents, is it Time to Stop Dieting?

As a weighty parent, with more ‘body’ for my children to love than I would like, I diet and seek support from others to succeed. All too often, in the past, those others could be my children. But by including my kids in my dieting support group, I was nurturing an...
Perfect Parent Newsletter

Perfect Parent Newsletter

2016 has been another perfect year for the faultless Shorters. Before we begin, it is worth pointing out that by merely reading this letter you will undoubtedly be inspired to follow our example of parental perfection. This is completely normal and does not...

Beckham kiss & pressure to be perfect

The Victoria Beckham kiss controversy shows once again the pressure parents are under to be “perfect.” It is right and proper that parents are able to ask questions of each other, but this type of over the top and critical response is not only bad for Victoria, but...

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