When you book a speaker you want someone who helps your audience feel at ease, communicates in an accessible way and leaves their listeners excited and optimistic about embracing change. You want your event to be remembered for the right reasons.

This is what I provide – and I make people laugh on top of that.

I’ve been doing public speaking regularly since the age of 16. My style is fun, honest and interactive, willing to ask the unspoken questions whose answers can inspire genuine change for the audience.  

The best way to have confidence in me is to book me for coffee or skype call, I’m best experienced in person!

Below are brief outlines of some of the main talks and seminars I do, but do get in touch so that together we can tailor a talk matching my skills and knowledge with your desired outcomes.

Dads, Let’s Talk about Puberty

Dad’s can change their children’s self esteem, fact.

The lack of father’s engagement around puberty for both girls and boys reduces their self-esteem, fact.

If we can engage fathers more in this area of parenting, we are going to significantly change young people’s self-esteem, altering false perceptions of themselves and the ways in which their bodies are changing.

Often fathers don’t know how to talk in a natural way about puberty, sex or what healthy sexuality is. This seminar is honest, down-to-earth and high-impacting.

An article about this seminar on the Huffington Post can be found here:


Dads, Let’s Talk about Porn

What should dads say to their sons and daughters about porn?  This seminar explores the mixed messages we give young people about porn and explores the myths we tell ourselves and our children about pornography.

It is an honest and non-judgemental look at what is probably the biggest no-go area for parents to talk about with their children.

At the end of the seminar, the parents will be equipped to have healthy and supportive conversations about porn.

Help: I’m a Recovering Alpha Male

I was your stereotypical Alpha male, but I’m not any more and I’m so much happier for it!

This one-hour seminar is all about enjoying being you and embracing a more helpful picture of masculinity, one which will help us be more impacting as partners, business owners, employees and – of course! – dads.

The Highs and Lows of a Non-Perfect Parent

An evening involving laughter and encouragement as I, the Non-Perfect Dad, tell the stories my children want you to know about me!

During the evening, I explore the four necessary foundations of parenting.

Sharing my successes and failures, we will better understand what gets in the way of these foundations by being honest about the highs and lows of the parenting journey.

Non-Perfect Dad’s Guide to Sponging off Your Parents

Many of the trends in modern parenting are pointing in the direction of enabling you to spend the rest of your life sponging off your parents!

Your parents hoped that you would be a success and be a fitting tribute to them as your parents – independent, making your mark, replicating their success.

But it is easier to sponge off of them, letting them pay for your life, food, clothing, travel and social life.

Wise parents would be advised to attend this seminar to learn which pitfalls in modern parenting to avoid!

Getting Ready for the Secondary School Transition

Getting children ready for Secondary School is about more than just getting a bigger school bag and all the right equipment.

The emotional challenges for this big step are as much of a challenge to the parents as they are to the children.

This one-hour seminar helps parents get themselves and their children emotionally ready for this big step.


Parents’ Exam Preparation

However, I honestly think most young people are brilliant at handling that stress because their schools do a fantastic job of preparing them for exams – it’s their parents who need help!

This one-hour seminar is all about helping parents manage their emotions so that they can best support their children. It includes an honest discussion about what is helpful and unhelpful when it comes to incentives and exams success gifts!

The seminar also covers how to best motivate your child for revision.


Non-Perfect Dad’s Guide to Raising World Changers

Helping you have the confidence and resources to feel comfortable and positive about being a parent.

Drawing on my considerable experience, these sessions will leave parents with a spring in their step and chins held high.

This can be delivered as a one off session or as several sessions with age focuses for those with children aged 2-9 and for those with children aged 10-19+.

Discover how Richard can help you.
Schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation.

Discover how Richard can help you.
Schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation.