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What is it like to play sport with adults shouting at you?

Here is what it can sound like and looks

100 kids shouting at 8 adults playing human connect 4.
(Thanks to Richard Cheetham for the game)

Then we tried try a walking touch Rugby?

Then we invited the kids to just give instructions, did you notice the difference?

I asked this question: Kids if you listen to any instructions from the sideline put your hand up.

I then asked: If you could have instructions or encouragement which would you have?

Do the adults sometimes go over the top on the sideline?
(I rest my case)

There is nothing wrong with supporting your child, just don’t let your support change how they enjoy their sport.

Coaches and clubs, are you creating an environment in which parents can make a positive contribution to their children’s game day experience?

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Many thanks to:
Dubai English Speaking College
Russell Earnshaw (for the idea)
Warriors RC (parents and children)