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PB Program 1-2-1



The heady challenges a young talented person faces in the sports world requires a new approach using thought-through handling. Big teams know this but the highest levels of support are only usually available at top sports clubs, until now, with the launch of the new and unique ‘PB Program’ for parents.

This program sees children develop the resilience to adapt and overcome obstacles, giving them leadership skills which they will draw on the rest of their life, leadership that even other parents will notice in your child. Succinctly, it is invaluable.

Rob*, one of my top sports clubs parents, like most working hard parents, was running the family business and supporting his children to thrive on and off the sports field.  He knew the conversations he had with his child between matches mattered and effected performance, but he also knew that despite his best intentions these conversations seemed to add emotional pressure and tensions, reducing his kid’s ability to thrive and perform. So he started adopting skills in the PB program and quickly noticed his children were in a far better frame of mind to compete.

The sports world has an arrogance issue when it comes to parents. They (unfairly) expect parents to know how to raise world champions without giving those parents quality support. You can’t simply raise a hand as society has turned parenting into a deeply private task, unless you make mistakes or your child wins a gold medal then you are either demon parents or model parents – in which case everyone seems to find out! The simple reality is parenting is massively complex and no parent gets it right, but sadly we are abandoned by both the sports world and society to believe that “great parents just ‘know” and don’t need to be given the skills which are key to seeing young athletes thrive and grow their potential in a highly competitive changing arena. 

And dreaded Covid has changed much of what we recognise, extended time in isolation has changed things. Those changes are going to limit a child’s journey now more than ever. Equipping them with resilience now, drawing out their potential and giving them skills to navigate the world is smart.

Working with premier league football clubs and a national rugby team, I’ve witnessed this. It’s why they call me in.

I’ve been in your shoes, in fact I’m them now! I have three children myself and I know that my biggest passion is that together with their coaches we see them use the ability they have the best that they can for as long as they can but my word is it is an emotional journey. Our eldest is in a sporting pathway at the moment. Seeing him enjoy the training sessions, deal with the challenges of selection and meeting his own high expectations while juggling his school and family life often requires a supporting word to keep the fire burning. 

I’m not perfect, not even pretending to be. It’s not even about being perfect.

You see, for 20 years I’ve been working with parents to guide their child into being the best version of themselves. In the last three years alone I’ve worked with many premiership football teams, premiership rugby teams, national representative teams for hockey, rugby, cricket, athletes, gymnastics to name a few. 

They all develop bespoke ways to get the best from their children and the child performs better once support is in place.

It’s bespoke which is why there is no single book to read and you’re suddenly accomplished but, over time, you get better, your child grows and suddenly you’re helping them take their journey as far as it can go.

So this is your big chance to discover how the top performing teams in the UK do it, and adapt it for your child.

You can now get a chance to build repetitive behaviors used by the top sports people in the UK, know what to do and say at the right time and create big impacts for your child over the coming weeks and months, even into their lifetime.

It’s like one of the parents of the England U20’s rugby team said,

“…really helpful to look at my ‘child ‘ through a different lens, challenge some of the thinking in a safe environment with ‘like- minded’ parents and definitely widen the ‘virtual’ team all geared to facilitate my child’s success”

The PB Program is designed for busy parents, you get impact quickly from short 1:1 sessions.The whole program is bite size and fits into busy schedules. Even discovering how the program works takes only a few minutes.

It all starts with a short discovery call, maximum 20 minutes, you get to ask questions and I’ll guide you through how it all works.

Fire an email back to me and we can schedule a call.

You’ve caught a glimpse of what the top teams in the UK are doing. They are harnessing the unique relationship that parents hold. You can join this growing movement too. 

Even better than joining in, I want to make this the easiest decision for you to get involved.

You would normally be paying £580 just for this four week PB Program.

Firstly, I want to give you FREE access to ‘Conversions 4 Growth’ usually costing £97. This equips you for the ‘classic’ tough conversations, and still maintains the relationship while allowing for your child’s further growth.

Then you will also get FREE access to “Your Best Season Yet” (Re-releasing in July 2020) usually costing £97. This is perfectly timed as it helps your child have great their head in the right mental space preseason so they hit the ground running. 

Finally, I can usually give you a pointer during the initial discovery call.

Hands up though, if you are ready to make steps towards developing your child’s resilience and developing a valuable life skill around leadership then I’d like you to join the PB Program.

So the total price for everything would usually be £774

For you it’s just £380.

The way I see it there’s three options for you.

  1. Do nothing, stay as you are and continue with the current trajectory.

  2. DIY. Have a good look around the internet, try and piece together a few hundred hours of YouTube videos, a bit of Twitter and read a few books. Hope you fall on the right strategy and implement it in full confidence.

  3. Let me save you a huge chunk of time, share the strategies they are using in elite sports and work with you to develop this life skill that echoes for the future. A short discovery call will quickly inform you of the potential benefits to you and your child.

Finally give you a distinct advantage in developing your child’s potential and their resilience in leadership.

Only you can decide.

Schedule a brief call [CLICK HERE] and let’s talk. Do that today and we will have time for a discovery call as the program starts in a week. Do that today and we will have time for a discovery call as the program starts in a week.

Speak soon,


PS – the * above, it’s because Rob isn’t his real name, you know that the work I do is in confidence. Let’s talk, my diary is: [CLICK HERE]