Parent Behaviour Changers: The 45 min comms level up 

We know behind all ‘talented’ young people is the team that gets them there.

Teachers, coaches, friends…

And parents.

You know that parents are uniquely positioned to guide the lives of their children.

Well-meaning parental involvement can support your incredible work with young people, and as you know too well, sometimes it can be detrimental – in fact totally torpedoing your work would sometimes say it better! 

It’s just one reason why a couple of the Premier League football teams and national sports teams get me in to share ideas with the parents of young sportspeople.

They’ve discovered that there’s a communication strategy which yields the best chance for sporting success

Succinctly it:

– develops resilience and mindset

– bolsters effective communication skills

– reinforces character and culture in teams

Great attributes but, best of all, it can be harnessed by anyone within a short space of time. 

Better still, you’re invited to discover how it’s done.

Join me in a webinar where I share some structured and practical ways that support the young athlete journey while also bringing parental behaviours on side too.  

We will cover a lot of ground quickly but by the end of the webinar you will:

– understand the structure for needed for communication to be effective in influencing parents  

– develop your bespoke approach

– Increase the impact you have having young people. 

To secure your FREE spot, click here and you’ll have a couple of actionable ways to make a difference in almost no time at all.

See you in the room,


PS – I’ve already got a couple of the ‘classic’ scenarios to highlight how a change in approach yields great outcomes but if you’d like me to focus on an area of difficult conversation then pop an email over to me here: ,  in complete confidence, and I’ll make sure to cover it as a specific topic. See you in the room.