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Reflection questions for parents-  

These questions are aimed at supporting your parenting creativity:


I. How as a family do you encourage risk taking?

II. What do you model about creativity?

III. What has your son said helps him most on match day?

IV. What has your son said helps most when pain comes?


I. How can you express appreciation of unique character traits in your family?

II. What three character traits would you most praise in each of your children?

III. What do your family observe about  Wellington festival’s style of leadership?

IV. How can you increase family awareness of other’s points of view?


I. How can you weekly express, with honestly, the wrestles of life?

II. As a family how can you weekly express your emotional highs and lows?

III. What would a rite of passage look like in your family?

IV. Who can you be honest with about your rugby parenting journey?

Decision making 

I. How can you tell your son you trust him?

II. Does your son know you are proud of him regardless of his rugby career?

III. When do you not talk/do rugby as a family?

IV. What questions would help your son consider the options for future decision making?


I. Where can you release your son to be more interdependent?

II. Can the coach/team contact help?

III. What weekly/monthly rhythms do you need as a family to build more character?

IV. How do you feel about your child making choices you would not?

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