Listening for a change

Listening for a change. 

There are a number of tried and tested tools and approaches to replace the well-meaning and broken listening habits of society.

Tools which when deployed in our conversations mean our listening will be supporting change, positive and healthy change for our children in their pursuit for sporting growth.

Join us in February for a series of webinars called “Listening for a change.

It will be very practical and impacting.

More importantly, it will give you a toolbox of listening skills which will enable you to support helpful change in your children when you are in a conversations which you know matters. Giving us the confidence that in the sports conversations which matter our contribution, while never perfect, is helping make a real difference to their sport.

Where we can with confidence know we listened for a change.

It costs only £77

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Included for FREE is my other best-selling courses on how to have conversations with your child. (Normal value of £249)

Included for FREE is an online community of support and encouragement with Richard.

The course will be run by Richard Shorter and professor Stephen Rollnick (The Gandalf of Listening) who will be helping us learn how the skills of motivational interviewing can empower parents to have conversations which see positive change.

*Motivational interviewing is a way of having conversations which empower and support lasting change. It is evidence-based and used all over the world in many contexts including sports.

£77 to learn conversation tools which you will use time and time again and see instant impact from their use.

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The dates for the sessions are 7:30-8pm GMT on every Monday in February.

The session will be recorded and available to all course members.

Places are limited so do not miss out

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As an added bonus, these skills will not only impact your parents, but will be useful in every area of life. Your work, relationships and whole family live will be enhanced by learning these skills.