Leadership inspiration: Self Awareness Training


It is not lack of money or bad ideas which stops growth, it is often a lack of self-awareness.

I have been privileged to help a number of organisations increase productivity and effective working patterns by delivering the following seminar.

Strong and effective team training.

Self-awareness training is often thought of as a “nice” extra. However, it is key to effective leadership.

Workplace competence can be torpedoed by poor self-awareness. Gifted people can make shocking team members if they are not aware of who they are and their impact on the team they work with. I’m sure that over your career the adverse effects of non-self-aware people has had a detrimental impact on your effectiveness.

Sir Michael Wilshaw  (HMCI) says that, “Strong, effective leadership in schools is the key to driving up standards and ensuring all young people get the good education they deserve.”

I am confident the Leadership team self-awareness training will:

  • Help staff better understand themselves and how they work.
  • Help staff feel more confident about themselves.
  • Enable staff to be more effective together as a team.
  • Give staff a better understanding of colleagues and students so they can better enhance their learning.
  • Give practical and effective tools for dealing with conflict.

The training uses the world renowned “Friendly Working Style” profiles. Each team member will be asked to complete a short questionnaire. They will be given their unique results and taught the implications of these results for them as team members.

Cost: £350 for 3 hours training. (includes cost of Friendly Working Style analysis for groups of 4-10)

Discover how Richard can help you.
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Discover how Richard can help you.
Schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation.