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To increase you supporting parents engaging your values and culture

To Change the Narrative

Kitrina Douglas’s story

1. Value them

  • What does your club/school do to show that you value parents?
  • Are parents cash cows and taxi’s to your club or are they more?
  • Do you as a club empathise with the challenges parents face?
  • Humans take time and constant input to change, do you value parents encourage to give them this? How would you give them this?
  • Where are parents essential to supporting a club to embrace the “kids first” way of life?

2. Contextualise the story

  • Does your communication with parents help them understand what you are about as a club or create an ‘us & them’?
  • What parts of your school/clubs story overlap with the parenting story? Character perhaps, but what else?

My book helps parent contextualise their story into their sporting conversations. It is available here on amazon and will be out in print in two weeks time.

3. Communication

  • What is your communication like with parents? Do they have the info they need?
  • This is a resource to help you communicate the key elements of school/ club life to parents in ways which help it be remembered!  Parents Season Information Sheet (click here)  
  • Communication is a two-way street. Here are some end of session questions you can ask to help you hear parents better. (Click Here)

4. Character Vs Results

  • What does your club/school celebrate most- winning or the process of player development/ character?
  • What’s the difference between being competitive and winning?
  • What impact does being winning focused have on parents?

5. Use a mixed economy of Voices

  • Who in the local area would help the parents listen? (Doctors, teachers, ex-players etc)
  • How would having a session with Richard- Non-perfect dad add value to your school/club?
  • Where can you use the voices of the children to help support the parents?

6. Make it fun!

Why is it so many parents session and resources are so DULL, BORING and judgemental! Kids want to have fun, so do parents.

Here are 10 activities and games you can play with parents(Click Here). If you need support or would like to explore me coming to lead a parents meeting or coaches CPD for you, please do get in touch.

Some helpful resources and articles:

Sport Psychology for young Athletes Edited by Knight, Harwood & Gould (See amazon link below)

For Safe Uncertainty please see these