As a parent, it’s hard to reflect on how we impact our kids because of a number of reasons. Playing games which give parents opportunities to change the narrative, to give parents ‘different’ roles in the story. Playing games is a “safe” way to explore the impact of how we are as parents, the positive and the negative.

This ‘version’ Jenga game is a game I’ve been using for over a year. Each time I’ve used it it has had a real impact on those playing and many of those making the noise.

One dad came up to me after being one of the players and said: “that has changed the way I view shouting from the sidelines.”

If you are a parent, what can you see as you watch others play this “version” of Jenga.”

If you are a coach, does your parent engagement strategy involve playing games with parents to support their learning and behaviour change?

Parent or coach…why not take Jenga to the clubhouse with you next time to see what impact it makes?

Contact me if you’d like to know more about how to use games in your parent engagement strategy.