Fathers day, just like any other emotive day, brings out the best and worst from social media. These are some of the photo’s which made me smile, sigh, feel cross and those which moved me!  Barack Obama starts us off. Whatever you think of his politics, this is a man who clearly takes his fathering as one of his main responsibilities. A wonderful reminder that with all the roles and titles we men have, father is the most important job we will ever do.

Sure some men are complete GITS and have not played their part. They have been absent and manipulative, but these cards just increase the divide and ultimately confuse our children even more. I really don’t get the need to have these cards. Why use fathers day for point scoring.

Ok, so some use father’s day for cheap shots, but why feel the need to attack a small number of people who are clearly hurting.  I don’t get the need to retaliate. It shows some men still have loads of maturing to do!

Really, we still want to say such things like this in 2017. Like a mother can’t be a hero or a dad can’t love his son. Is it just me or is the wording of “A daughter’s first love” proper creepy! Enough with this sort of gender stereotypes.

Enough said.

(I hope your children have seen the films! I would consider this as a father’s basic responsibility when the children are old enough…wait what I am saying just play them the films while in the womb.)

Watch the film…it makes the point far better than I can!

This one made me laugh the most, kinda shows what type of mind I have.

Images of father’s day cards left at The Grenfell Tower are a painful reminder that all over the world human arrogance and power has robbed too many children of their fathers. Has robbed too many fathers of their children.

Whatever Father’s day meant to you, enjoy the best job you’ll have, it is a privileged role which does not last forever.

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