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Remember those days of trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends as a young person? The emotional turmoil of wondering if what I’m going to wear will fit in? I’m of an age which means that includes shell suits and lines shaved in the eyebrows!

One of my children the other day told me she didn’t feel very fashionable. Many because she chooses a different style to her friends.

I told her that those who followed what was fashionable were simply copy cats! It’s those who break out of those moulds which have been the trendsetters. I encouraged my daughter to see that being bold enough to make your own choices is what sets you apart as being independent and creative.
Being fashionable is letting others make the choices for you!

OK, so I realise that being fashionable is slightly more complicated that, but it’s important that we help our children see that they are more than enough, without worrying about fitting in.

If your child wants to follow the latest trends, great and if they don’t, great.

The key to managing this as a parent is lots of encouragement to choose what they want when they are younger.

Totally avoid judging what they are wearing, even if it’s impractical, it’s a lesson we all had to learn!

If you want to help your child be free thinking and have the self-confidence to manage those tricky teen fashion years, you need to pile on the praise and encouragement to enable independent thinking.

Outside the family unit, our children are going to be under massive pressure to conform.

Let’s make sure our family is a place of praise and encouragement.

I have 20 years experience of working with families, helping parents raise children with the self-confidence and self-esteem to be a world changer is what I enjoy doing and turns out I am pretty good at.

I'm a dad of three ( all of whom can rap the first part of Ice Ice baby by Vanilla Ice), all three would say I am not a perfect dad but then who is… but I am a great at being me.

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    Discover how Richard can help you.
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