Common Parenting Mistakes to avoid as sport returns

Our house is buzzing at the prospect of sport returning and as their parents, we have our hands firmly on the rudder of helping them navigate this return successfully. For some parents, your kids are buzzing with excitement and eagerness, for others you will see...

F-Word by Non-Perfect Dad

I got an invite to join a bunch of failures.  Receiving an invitation to join a failure group understandably created some mixed emotions. Was I to be grateful or insulted that Mitch (Steve Mitchell) thought I was suitably qualified to attend?!   Mitch gathered a...

My dirty little secret – sorry Grandpa!

What isn’t a secret is that I give ‘talks’ to parents and coaches about how to work together for the best outcomes for the young people concerned.  I thoroughly love standing up in front of a bunch of people: connecting, laughing, seeing the penny...

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