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Why the Brain is so important and its significance in developing sporting talent.

I wanted to write a letter to you to share some really interesting stuff around your brain and body. I did a course on understanding how our brain grows and works with our bodies and I thought you might find it useful. Our brain and body is connected and they work together, when we feel safe we can learn, be in connection with other people, plan, reflect and make decisions. When we do not feel safe our body and brain gets us ready to fight, flight or freeze.

When you are young and do not feel safe we need the adults around us to help us regulate. They can do this by validating and attuning to our emotions and using language that helps our brain and body to calm down . Something really good for you to try is taking deep breaths. You know how I have told you that our body and brain is connected, well it’s connected by a nerve called the vagus nerve. When we take deep breaths it helps our body and brain to become safe again.

Parents when your children become teenagers there body and brain goes through some big changes. Their sleep pattern changes which means they may sleep in on a weekend and their friends become who they value the most. They struggle to read emotions of other people and within this period if we do not foster what they already have we lose it. So choice and ownership is important in this phase. I always try to think that if you separate the person from the behaviour what is the behaviour telling you, as every form of behaviour is communication. We can’t switch off our fight, flight or freeze responses they are what keep us alive.

But having an understanding of our body and brains and how we can regulate ourselves or our children helps to strengthen our vagus nerve and stress response system, which are vital to help us to cope with the ups and downs of life

. I hope you find this blog useful and you have enjoyed reading it, this subject fascinates me and I hope that it may have evoked some curiosity with you.



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I know loads of great coaches but there are 4 or 5 i desperately wish I had of had the opportunity to coached my children and Sally is one of them. She is absolutely phenomenal and I whole-heartedly commend her and her fantastic and Insightful message about the brain and its significance in developing sporting talent. Sally is someone that is passionate about child development, neuroscience and sociology. She also loves a holidays!