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2021 marks 50 years as an Equestrian Coach for Amanda and she has provided us with an awe-inspiring letter. Please sit back and enjoy Amanda’s incredible history and journey to become the coach she is today.

Dear Parents,


My story sounds idilic but there is a twist; a painful twist which I hope serves as a warning to all well meaning sports Teams.

Whilst free range and every kind of obstacle negotiated, even barbed wire and cattle grids (similar to life’s challenges!) it is of paramount importance that we do not ride ‘rough shod’ over our childrens’ dreams and make sure we LISTEN.


From a personal point of view I had Badminton and the Olympics in my sights.  These were realistic hopes.  However due to parental decisions one of my top horses was sold to Canada for a great deal of money. ( This horse was bought for £450 and sold for £20,000 of which not a penny entered my teenage bank account for all the work I had invested in him).  This broke my heart and the path in my life.  My first qualification for Badminton was thwarted by my parents as I was told I had to support my older sister who had also qualified.  My horse and I were ready.  I consoled myself that having schooled round Badminton’s XC Course as part of GB Squad Training that this would do.  As time went by I re- qualified Alsedell again (I subsequently was unable to afford to finance the entry) along with a horse belonging to the Italian Team who, having qualified him the Italians took him back for one of their Team Riders).


Whilst at school I was offered a place at The Royal Academy of Music in London; shining and piano.  This offer was not given a thought by my parents as I was competing successfully on the international stage and this was in turn building the reputation of our Family Business…

I have since written, played, sung and recorded a song…I’d like to do more!!


All the very best from Amanda

BHSI Performance Coach, BE Accredited Coach, APEC Advanced Coach and Trainer. Artist and CO FOUNDER of RIDER RESPONSIBILITIES

Amanda Holloway Leading Equestrian Coach, Mentor, Trainer and former 5* Event Rider.

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