Millfield Prep 2019

Millfield Prep Parents Meeting September 2019

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What makes it challenging to be a parent when your children takes part in sport?

Playing SAFE

Identity: Who are your children when they play? 

This is my… 

Swimmer daughter

Rugby playing son

County champion offspring


This is my…

daughter who swims 

Son who plays rugby

Child who is the present county Champ!

SAFE =Comfortable?

SAFE Stretched?

How do we respond to safe uncomfortable? 

These are some of the ways I see parents respond poorly.

  • Make excuses
  • Change school/ club
  • Apply pressure
  • Make it about winning 
  • Write an email 
  • Take it personally? 
  • Say ‘Man up”

What can you do when it is safe but uncomfortable? 

Have a look at Dr Browns blog.

  • Ask questions 
  • Who is the issue really about? 
  • Is this part of a process
  • What are they learning here
  • Can you still see fun? 
  • Encourage dialog 
  • Be realistic
  • Remember it’s subjective  
  • Remember no-ones perfect. 

What does positive support look like? 

What gets in the way of positive support?

How can we nurture positive support? 

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