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Positive Parent Conversations

Forty questions for you to share with parents which create high-quality sports parent engagement.

Would you like to shape the conversations your athletes have with their parents? 

Imagine the impact on athlete development of you fuelling healthy conversations at home. 

Click here to get this unique and powerful resource for your teams. 

By using this resource you will: 

  • Shape the conversations parents have with their children.
  • Support parents to change their conversational habits from being negative and results-orientated to being process-orientated.
  • Fuel healthy relationships between parents, child and coach. 
  • Support your athletes arriving in a better frame of mind to compete and train. 
  • Make significant financial savings. To purchase 500 copies of Richard book costs £2500. With this resource, you can reach all of your families at a fraction of that cost.  
  • Questions are reuse-able, this resource will last seasons.

You will also get:

  • Richard’s key tools for how to use the questions. 
  • An online community of coaches using this resource.
  • Questions come in JPEG and PDF formats making it easy for you to use.
  • Richard’s ongoing support. 

Special Conference Offer: Normal price $599 + VAT

Conference price $299 + vat (£245 + vat) 

Click here to get this unique and powerful resource for your teams. 


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