Seeing dads and teens stand tall, being confident in who they are and ready to embrace the challenge of a changing the world – this is what I do.


Below are the coaching packages I offer, but before you choose the right one for you, I’d like you to know the following. Over the last two decades, I have worked with countless parents and teens in a whole host of situations. This experience means:

  • I will not be shocked by anything you are dealing with
  • I will offer diverse, proven and effective solutions to the challenges you face
  • I can deliver bespoke support that works for your family
  • I can guarantee complete confidentiality

Examples of family challenges that we can change together:

  • The daily pre-school morning routine & bedtimes
  • Elite sports challenges
  • Tantrums (both the kids’ and parents’!)
  • Sensibly handling technology
  • Teen and parent communication
  • Support through puberty including dealing with porn and talking about sex.
  • Parenting without smacking
  • Getting results without shouting
  • Which parenting advice to listen to
  • Shared custody tensions
  • Exam stresses
  • Raising children’s aspirations
  • And many more!

The most significant changes you can expect from working with me:

  • Your child grows in self-confidence and increased self-esteem
  • You also grow in self-confidence and increased self-esteem as a parent!

If you are not sure which session would be right for you. Why not arrange a free 30-minute consultation.

For the cost of face to face sessions please contact me. My fees are affordable, realistic and competitive.

Parenting coaching sessions work on a one-to-one basis, or a two-to-one if both parents wish to engage.

Here are the coaching packages I offer:

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First steps to change session- 90 minute Skype call

This Skype session is for those with a specific parenting challenge you need to resolve. By the end of the session, you will have the steps needed to make a real change to leaving this challenge behind you.

Your investment in solving this challenge: £140 Contact me to book this session. 

Five sessions to honest parenting - 5 x 60 minute Skype calls

These Skype sessions are for those parents who know that the busyness and complicatedness of life has meant parenting is out of sync with where you want it to be. There is too much conflict and pain in your parenting and it’s time to make a change.

By the end of the five weeks, you will be equipped to take control of your parenting. Calmness will be more common and you will know that you are building your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence in ways which will have a lifelong impact.

Your investment in bringing more peace and joy to the home: £345. Contact me to book these five sessions. 

Ten sessions to courageously honest parenting - 5 x 60 minute Skype calls

  • You want more from your parenting and it’s time to take your honesty and channel it into life-changing action.
  • You are tired of the external and internal pressures to be the perfect parent.
  • You want to own the label “non-perfect parent” in the ways which bring freedom.
  • You want to know and believe what a great parent you are.
  • You want to be an effective and honest parent.

These ten Skype sessions will enable us to work on you being you as a parent. Freeing you from those external and internal pressures. The time we spend together will enable you to develop your parenting skills and strategies in ways which use the best of who you are.

Your investment to being effective and true to who you really are as a parent: £600. Contact me to book these ten sessions. 


Discover how Richard can help you.
Schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation.

Discover how Richard can help you.
Schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation.

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