Do you want athletes, coaches and parents all going in the same direction?

Together we will make this a reality. 


Discover how Richard can help you.
Schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation.

Discover how Richard can help you.
Schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation.

Yes, you want your players well supported in the car to matches, from the sidelines and on the way home.

I can equip your parents to be world-class supporters of their children around sport.

Yes, parents can be hard work.

But I offer you more than sideline management.

Parents are the biggest shapers of your team’s character. Parents are the most influential people in your athlete’s lives.

I offer you the opportunity to use that often untapped influence to everyone’s benefit.

I have spent 20 years working with parents in a multitude of different contexts. This means that I know how to ‘speak parent’ in ways which gain their trust and help them see that they also want the same goals that most sports teams want for their children.

Deep down parents want the following for their children: Outstanding character, whether they are winning or losing. Most importantly they want their children to be having fun whilst feeling content in all areas of life.

I’m guessing that’s what you want, but sadly us parents often allow our real desires for our children to be clouded out by business, miss guided emotions and competitiveness.

The sessions I offer you will do the following:

  • Help gain deeper trust from parents for your team coaches and management
  • Increase the amount of praise and support your athletes get.
  • Increase athlete understanding and expression of team culture.
  • Decrease parental focus on winning.
  • Decrease disrespectful behaviour from parents.
  • Increase parents support of risk-taking and creativity.
  • See your athletes more relaxed and enjoying their sport.
  • See you athletes well supported emotionally at home when injured or not selected.
  • You will have more time to focus on coaching players rather than parent management.
  • Everyone will have more fun!

If you are not sure which would be right for you. Why not arrange a free 30-minute consultation.

For the cost of sessions please contact me. My fees are affordable, realistic and competitive.

Here are my packages:

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What can you change? - 90 minutes Skype call

This Skype call is for those coaches with some parenting challenges who are looking for some simple solutions to try. By the end of the call, you will have the steps needed to make a real change to leaving this challenge behind you.

 Contact me to book this session.

Parents in sport workshops. (One or two 90 minutes sessions for parents)

These sessions are fun, inspiring and action provoking.

These sessions are run by me, a neutral outsider, which enables parents to be more relaxed and honest because they will not fear that this will influence their children’s selection.

These sessions are tailor-made to your team’s ethos and values, helping give parents practical ways to support their child on game day and in the whole of their life.

If you opt for two sessions I will come and spend 30 minutes with your team to help find out how they are finding their parents and what their parents can do to support them more effectively.

Contact me to book these sessions. 


Game day experience for parents

These game day experiences help the parents learn more about what is helpful on game day and increases everyone’s fun.

While you and your athletes are competing, I’m running some games for the parents which will help them increase respect and support.

An example of one of my games can be found here. 

Contact me to book this experience. 


A season ticket with Richard

The season ticket is all of the above.

It means you taking the biggest advantage of all my experience and group facilitation skills.

It means that together we will ensure the parents have the best opportunity to be their best for your athletes.

It means a discounted price when you combine all of the above together.

It means you get the biggest impact of my skills and experience.

It means you giving your team culture the best chance to be embraced by your athletes.

Contact me to book a season ticket. 


Discover how Richard can help you.
Schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation.

Discover how Richard can help you.
Schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation.

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