Father’s dad:Best & worst from social media

Fathers day, just like any other emotive day, brings out the best and worst from social media. These are some of the photo’s which made me smile, sigh, feel cross and those which moved me!  Barack Obama starts us off. Whatever you think of his politics, this is...

Fashionable kids?

Remember those days of trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends as a young person? The emotional turmoil of wondering if what I’m going to wear will fit in? I’m of an age which means that includes shell suits and lines shaved in the eyebrows! One...

Anne Robinson’s Britain

As ever Anne Robinson can ask the right questions and in this TV programme, her interrogations aimed at parenting. It is well worth a watch. Watching the programme highlighted once again the guilt and shame that surrounds parenting. Parents are under more pressure...

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