Fashionable kids?

Remember those days of trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends as a young person? The emotional turmoil of wondering if what I’m going to wear will fit in? I’m of an age which means that includes shell suits and lines shaved in the eyebrows! One...

Parent’s don’t believe in free speech

As the final week of the UK election descends into yet more name calling and ‘fake news’, all under the patronage of free speech, one group of people is actively seeking to stop this muddy and ugly form of debate: Parents! All over the world they are...

Be a parent not a friend

When I was a child, we had a black Labrador Alsatian cross. Wonderful as he was, he became one thoroughly confused dog. Five owners, and five completely different sets of rules. Despite my parents best efforts to insist on uniformity, this poor dog never really knew...

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